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Air Dry Clay Kit - A Fun and Creative Craft Activity For Kids of All Ages

Air Dry Clay Kit - A Fun and Creative Craft Activity For Kids of All Ages

  • Wednesday, 07 February 2024
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Air Dry Clay Kit - A Fun and Creative Craft Activity For Kids of All Ages

An air dry clay kit is a fun and creative craft activity that children of all ages can enjoy. Whether they're looking for a way to relax after school or a crafty alternative to mind-numbing video games, this art and clay set is sure to keep them engaged for hours. With soft and moldable clay, easy-to-follow projects and sculpting tools kids can create fun characters, rainbows or anything their hearts desire. The set is also a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays.

This sculpting set comes with 12 colors of super soft clay, which can be mixed together to form different hues. It also includes 3 plastic sculpting tools to add extra details to their creations. Once finished with their art project, simply let the clay set and then paint or decorate it. This set is designed for ages 6 years and older. Adult supervision is recommended.

Clay crafting is a great way for kids to exercise their imaginations while developing fine motor skills and sensory stimulation. With an air dry clay kit, they can knead and mould their clay into a variety of shapes to make their very own masterpieces. Air dry clay is a type of modelling clay that dries in the air rather than baking it in a kiln. It can take up to a day for the clay to fully set depending on the thickness of the piece. It is a good idea to lay or stand the clay on a flat surface, such as a table or kitchen bench, so that it doesn’t get damaged while drying.

Once the clay has cooled down and dried completely it is a great idea to seal the piece with some acrylic varnish to help it last longer. It's also a good idea to store the clay pieces in a safe and secure place where they won’t be disturbed.

Presented in a kraft gift box with a step-by-step decorating and care guide this clay set is a perfect present for a loved one or to treat yourself. The set contains everything you need to start sculpting and is suitable for beginners as the instructions are very clear.

The clay in this set is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is vegan and gluten-free and comes with a range of colour options to choose from. Unlike other similar kits, this one is stripped back and portable with just the essentials. Featuring a jar of clay, an instruction booklet and all the other tools you need to sculpt your own geometric vases, this kit is ideal for a newbie to clay crafting.

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