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Choosing the Right Type of Modelling Clay

Choosing the Right Type of Modelling Clay

  • Wednesday, 06 December 2023
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Choosing the Right Type of Modelling Clay

When it comes to crafting with clay, there are many options to choose from.air dry clay bulk Air dry clay and polymer clay are the two most popular modelling clays used by artists of all skill levels. Each has their own unique properties and benefits but which one is right for you?

There are also other types of clay available on the market such as cold porcelain, which can be bought from online stores or made at home using ingredients such as cornstarch and white glue.air dry clay bulk The benefit of cold porcelain is that it dries without baking, which makes it a quicker option for those who are short on time. However, it does have a slightly lower quality than other types of air dry clay.

Choosing the right type of clay for your project will ultimately come down to what your intended purpose is and how long you plan on working with it for.air dry clay bulk For example, if you are making a model that will need to be hard and durable, then polymer clay might be the best option for you as it is known for being sturdier than air dry clay once baked. Polymer clay can also be kneaded for longer than other types of modelling clays.

Air dry clay is ideal for beginners as it can be manipulated easily and requires no heating or baking to harden. This modelling clay has a spongy texture and can be coloured with acrylic paint or water based markers once dried. This clay is also non-toxic and the stains that can occur on hands are easy to wash off.

When working with clay, it is important to always use a clean and smooth work surface such as a crafting mat or kitchen bench. You can also cover the surface with a sheet of baking paper to prevent your clay from sticking. When shaping your clay, it is recommended to knead the clay and roll it out until you reach your desired thickness. It is also a good idea to keep a small pot of water nearby to smooth the clay whenever cracks appear.

Once your clay is shaped, you need to leave it in a dry place to set, which can take up to three days depending on the thickness of your model. You can also bake your clay if you wish, though this is not necessary and baking may damage the final result. Once your clay has cooled, it can then be painted with acrylic paint and sealed for added protection.

There are many different uses for clay and it can be an excellent way to develop your child's fine motor skills. Whether they are creating a masterpiece to display or a simple figurine to play with, they will be having fun while developing their creative imaginations. The best part is, it is not difficult to find high-quality clay in bulk at a reasonable price at Bulk Office Supply.

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