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How to Work With Air Dry Model Clay

How to Work With Air Dry Model Clay

  • Friday, 26 January 2024
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How to Work With Air Dry Model Clay

Air dry model clay is a nontoxic modelling material that can be shaped and decorated using traditional crafting tools, mixed media materials and a wide range of stamps.air dry model clay It is ideal for use in schools, art classes and for family crafts and home decoration. Air dry clay can be baked in a conventional oven to harden, or it can be left out to air-dry.

To begin working with the clay, remove it from its sealed bag and knead until it's soft and smooth.air dry model clay This is called 'conditioning' the clay and is used to prepare it for shaping. It also warms it up and makes it more pliable to work with.

After kneading the clay, lay it out on a clean surface that is free from crumbs or dust to avoid any marks being made on the final project. Alternatively, roll it out on a silicone craft mat or wax paper to prevent the clay from sticking. A rolling pin designed for modellers or a pasta machine may help to save time and effort when rolling the clay out.

Once the clay has been rolled out or formed into a design, it is then ready to leave to air-dry. It can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for the clay to fully dry to earthenware hardness. During the drying process, it's best to keep the clay away from heat and humidity in order to avoid any cracking or shrinking of the final product.

Once completely dry, the clay can be carved or inscribed with sculpting tools (adult supervision recommended) and then sanded to create a smooth and even finish. It can also be painted with acrylic or watercolor paints, or sprayed with a water-based sealer for more opaque coverage. Dried clay is also suitable for decorating with permanent markers (adult supervision recommended), though it's important to use waterproof markers in case the clay gets wet, as the marker ink may clog and cause the colours to run.

It's possible to re-use raw, dried and even fired clay as long as it is kept well sealed in a plastic bag. Finished pieces of air dry clay can be broken down and disposed of with other household waste.

The air dry clay can be coloured and decorated with a wide variety of different items, such as glitter glue or mica powders. It is also possible to add patterns and textures to the clay using stamps, lace, ribbon or embroidery thread. Decorative stickers and paint can be applied with a wet brush to the clay before it's left to air-dry.

Air dry clay can be shaped using a wide range of traditional crafting and sculpting tools, such as hands, needles or wire. It can also be moulded, coiled, cut, scored, welded and rolled into thin sheets. It is possible to join pieces of air dry clay together by'scoring' one side and adding a little slip to the other, then joining the sides of the clay with the slip to form a strong bond.

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